Long term stress has real consequences in our minds and bodies.

I’ve seen this in my clinical practice for the last 27 years. In a culture of relentless indoctrination of productivity and perfectionism, we keep pushing through the stress and bounce between fight, flight, and freeze.  We control stress by striving, even more, working harder, trying harder, and perfecting. We rely on caffeine and sugar to push us through. Yet, with all this pushing, rushing, and doing, stress makes a home in our minds and bodies. We experience chronic illness, muscle tightness, wear and tear, pain and inflammation, sleeplessness, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, immune dysregulation and fatigue, and damage from using excessive uppers and downers to cope - caffeine, drugs, alcohol, and food. Shut down or burn out, is our body saying we need to rest more. Has stress overwhelmed you, changed your behaviour, brought on health problems, hampered healing, or created more suffering and dysregulation? Please note: this program does not replace therapy and treatment with your psychologist / psychiatrist. It is an adjunct program that helps you create a foundation of health for regulation & deep healing.

  • Stress is insidious; it draws on our reserves. Nourish your nervous system with whole seasonal foods; good hydration; fresh, clean air; sunlight; movement; a good night's sleep; and rest.

  • Learn how to flexibly transition between the different states of your nervous system - fight, flight, freeze & regulated.

  • Eliminate the need for addictive substances such as caffeine, alcohol, and sugar to make you feel energised and on top of things.

  • Honour and validate all your emotions and learn how to protect your energy.

  • Reset your gut biome & digestive processes to support your gut brain axis.

  • Take a holistic approach to managing your stress symptoms - using foods as medicine, herbal medicine and supplements.

  • Create healthy habits and rituals to support a regulated nervous system.

  • Heal, ground, create energy, have clarity, perspective, and possibilities, and experience joy when regulated.

  • Your nervous system is your personal security system - constantly surveilling the scene. Its purpose is protection and connection. Move towards, move away, freeze or regulate. Befriending your nervous system positions you in a place of response vs. reaction when it comes to stress.

We hope you can join us!

The program kicks off on Monday 7th November 2022. Welcome to a new way of living.

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What you will get on the Program?

A swish new online learning platform with daily lessons, coaching, support & inspiration hosted by Anthia with over 27 years of naturopathic clinical experience. This is a community program. You might absolutely love the information and be inspired but the change happens by engaging with your fellow members. When we join up with others who have the same values, struggles, and goals some really amazing things can happen. We’re designed to connect and lean on other humans. Not only does being part of a group help people achieve your health goals, having a sense of community with strong relationships is linked to living longer, being happier, and staying healthy and well. Share your thoughts and questions and with every share give another support and encouragement. In community there is commitment. And success comes with support.

  • 28 Daily Lessons (downloadable) to help you understand & regulate your nervous system.

  • 28 Daily Journal Prompts to dive deeper & learn life long habits.

  • 28 Daily Inspiring Quotes to support your journey & keep you motivated.

  • Five Live Zooms and Q&A (recorded if you can't meet the times).

  • 50% off (one off) Nervous System tisanes - Meadow & Harmonia (when you pay $250 for the Program)

  • Exclusive 10% discount code to use on any purchase online to support your journey or to top up your tea supplies. Received once you sign up.

  • Small group of participants so we can best support you.

  • Private Community Board for participants to share their progress, ask questions & support each other.

About your instructor


Anthia Koullouros

This year marks 27 years of naturopathic clinical practice. It's hard for me to believe it too! I graduated as a naturopath, homoeopath, and herbalist at the end of 1994 and started consulting almost immediately. My Naturopathic Clinic, Apothecary, and Apotheca by Anthia Tea & Tisane Store is located in Paddington, Sydney Australia. This is where you will find me seeing patients, blending herbal tonics and creating teas & tisanes. Akademeia by Anthia, our online portal, is where you will find my Courses & Programs, based on over 27 years of Naturopathic know how & clinical experience. My book I am Food - Eating Your Way To Health was published in 2014. It is currently undergoing a new edit and will be relaunched at the end of the year.

Your Daily Lessons - Week One

The wonderful things you'll learn on your journey! Download & keep. “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future" - Deepak Chopra.

  • Day 1. Honour & Validate How You feel

  • Day 2. About Your Fight & Flight (Sympathetic Nervous System)

  • Day 3. Feeling Into Fight & Flight

  • Day 4. About Your Freeze Response (Dorsal Vagal Pathway)

  • Day 5. Feeling Into Freeze

  • Day 6. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & progress

  • Day 7. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & progress

Your Daily Lessons - Week Two

The wonderful things you'll learn on your journey! Download & keep."That of which we are not aware, owns us" - James Hollis.

  • Day 8. Your Most Regulated State (Ventral Vagal Pathway)

  • Day 9. Feeling Into Your Most Regulated State

  • Day 10. Food & Your Regulated Nervous System

  • Day 11. Fluids & Your Regulated Nervous System

  • Day 12. Gut Health & Your Regulated Nervous System

  • Day 13. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & progress

  • Day 14. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & progress

Your Daily Lessons - Week Three

The wonderful things you'll learn on your journey! Download & keep. "Between stimulus & response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth & our freedom" - Viktor E. Frankl.

  • Day 15. Exercise & Your Regulated Nervous System

  • Day 16. Sleep & Your Regulated Nervous System

  • Day 17. Breath & Your Regulated Nervous System

  • Day 18. Nature & Your Regulated Nervous System

  • Day 19. Co regulation

  • Day 20. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & moving forward

  • Day 21. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & moving forward

Your Daily Lessons - Week Four

The wonderful things you'll learn on your journey! Download & keep. "Most people come to know only one corner of their room, one spot near the window, one narrow strip on which they keep walking back and forth" - Rainer Maria Rilke.

  • Day 22. Rituals & Routines for Regulation

  • Day 23. Solitude, Stillness & Regulation

  • Day 24. Supplements & Regulation

  • Day 25. Herbal Medicine & Regulation

  • Day 26. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & moving forward

  • Day 27. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & moving forward

  • Day 28. Reflections - catching up on daily lessons & moving forward

Bonus Material

To help you create life long habits & rituals to support a regulated nervous system.

  • Bonus Material - The Foundations 101

    Before you begin, an overview of your Nervous System, Adrenals and the Polyvagal Theory. The foundations for the entire course simply outlined.

  • Bonus Material - Digital Minimalism Challenge

    The philosophy of digital minimalism is not simply to rid ourselves of technology e.g remove the apps we love to use but to be clear on what we use and why, so that we can free ourselves of the compulsive use of them

  • Bonus Material - Declutter Challenge

    By clearing the clutter from life’s path, we can all make room for the most important aspects of life: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.


How to learn the tools to help you thrive.

by Kate.S

This course was life changing for me. I was able to build on the spiritual work I have done to be more present in my life. It gave me an understanding of poly vagal theory. I was able to separate out the functions of my nervous system- fight, flight, freeze, fawn ... and for the first time I understood these were normal. The state I really want to be in is regulated- deeply open, compassionate, content, satisfied, calm, still, loving. I therefore now have the awareness of where I am at and the triggers for this. When I am regulated I can coregulate with others. Anthia is highly knowledgable and ties these concepts to her area of speciality- nutrition and gut health. That is a very interesting connection. Anthia presents in this course as a regulated trainer- one with a big heart and generosity. She shares from her own journey which is very powerful. Many thanks, Kate S.

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Welcome to your new way of living.

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