What is a Cleanse & Health Reset?

Each new season comes the chance to reset & restore our health, reconnect with our natural & seasonal rhythm, rejoin and flow with the change in weather, environment, and length of days, and embrace seasonal produce - returning to the foods we've evolved to eat. Because it's easy to fall out of sync, disconnect from nature, and lose touch with ourselves. The cleanse reveals what lies beneath - symptoms & disease masked and exacerbated by stress, sugar, caffeine & processed foods, uppers & downers and all the things we do to prop ourselves up or numb ourselves out.

  • Pare back processed foods & replenish with seasonal whole foods - well sourced & well prepared plants & animals.

  • Eliminate addictive substances such as caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.

  • Identify your source of toxic chemicals - what you consume, what you use, and what you clean with.

  • Support your organs of detoxification: liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, skin, lymphatics, bowels.

  • Reset your gut biome & digestive processes.

  • Regulate your nervous system in order to focus energy from stress to healing.

  • Take a holistic approach to self care & heath care.

  • Improve your health literacy & how to look after your health & the health of your loved ones.

  • Support your body’s capacity to heal, and balance the body so that disease is less likely to occur in the future.

What you will get on the Program?

An online learning platform with daily reading, coaching, support & inspiration hosted by Anthia, with over 28 years of naturopathic clinical experience. This is a community program. You might love the information and be inspired, but the change happens by engaging with your fellow cleansers. Some amazing things can happen when we join up with others with the same values, struggles, and goals. We’re designed to connect and lean on other humans. Not only does being part of a group help people achieve their health goals, but having a sense of community with strong relationships is linked to living longer, being happier, and staying healthy and well. Share your thoughts and questions and give support and encouragement with every share. In community, there is commitment. And success comes with support.

  • 21 Daily Readings (downloadable) to support your cleanse journey.

  • 21 Daily Journal Prompts to dive deeper & learn life long habits.

  • Bonus Material: Preparation Week, Digital Minimalism & Declutter Challenge.

  • Four Live Zooms and Q&A (recorded if you can't meet the times).

  • Downloads - 5 mini ebooks: Summer Fruit Guide, Summer Vegetable Guide, Summer Shop List, Summer Recipes, and Summer What To Eat In A Day.

  • 50% off (one off) Cleanse tisanes - Hygieia I & II (when you pay $250 for the Program)

  • Exclusive 10% discount code to use on any purchase online to support your cleanse journey or to top up your tea supplies. Received once you sign up.

  • Small group of participants so we can best support you.

  • Private Community Board for participants to share their progress, ask questions and support each other.

Bonus Material

Enhance your Summer Cleanse journey.

  • Bonus Material - Preparation Week

    Get Summer Cleanse ready with a cleanse-friendly stocked fridge & pantry; a decluttered & well-organsied kitchen; and a week to come off addictive substances such as caffeine & sugar to minimise detox symptoms, making your Summer Cleanse easy and breezy.

  • Bonus Material - Digital Minimalism Challenge

    The philosophy of digital minimalism is not simply to rid ourselves of technology e.g remove the apps we love to use but to be clear on what we use and why, so that we can free ourselves of the compulsive use of them. This creates space & time to self care and heal.

  • Bonus Material - Declutter Challenge

    By clearing the clutter from life’s path, we can all make room for the most important aspects of life: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.


It will change your life

Ms T

It will change your life is what I recently told a friend who is considering it. I love the cleanses, the learnings, the community and everything you do Anthia. Thank you so much for creating the Seasonal Cleanses for us all. Meeting you and joining the cleanses has changed my life and my husband's also. We have benefitted so much from your knowledge and our overall health has never been better. Can't wait for the Summer Cleanse post the silly season!

It has helped my productivity & state of mind

Mr D

I had a really great time being involved in the cleanse and even though I'm a generally healthy person, it was one of those experiences that helped me to understand ways I could further better my health too. I mentioned during the cleanse that I would get intermittently anxious about my health and I wanted being healthy to become a more positive experience in my life. I found chatting to Anthia during the Q and A calls to be really helpful in alleviating these concerns and I'm feeling more relaxed about these things now, which is a big deal for me. I also really appreciated the digital minimalism and de-cluttering content which has been helpful for my productivity and general state of mind, as well. I would definitely recommend taking part in a seasonal cleanse to others who are looking to improve their health and take their lives in a better direction.

I am back on track

Ms S

I have been too busy and too tired to take time out for self-care this year. I am now back on track after this cleanse. The content and downloads are very informative and generous, I love the holistic approach to cleansing as life is so much more than food alone.

We hope you can join us!

The program kicks off on Monday, 9th January 2023. Welcome to your new seasonal ritual.

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About your instructor


Anthia Koullouros

This year marks 28 years of naturopathic clinical practice. It's hard for me to believe it too! I graduated as a naturopath, homoeopath, and herbalist at the end of 1994 and started consulting almost immediately. My Naturopathic Clinic, Apothecary, and Apotheca by Anthia Tea & Tisane Store is located in Paddington, Sydney Australia. This is where you will find me seeing patients, blending herbal tonics and creating teas & tisanes. Akademeia by Anthia, our online portal, is where you will find my Courses & Programs, based on over 28 years of Naturopathic know how & clinical experience. My book I am Food - Eating Your Way To Health was published in 2014. It is currently undergoing a new edit and will be relaunched at the end of 2022.

Your Daily Reading - Week One

Wonderful things you'll learn on your Cleanse journey! Download & keep.

  • Day 1. Source & Processing - I am Food Principles

  • Day 2. A Food Audit - understand food ingredients in packaged foods

  • Day 3. Healthy Swaps - making the best food choices

  • Day 4. Master The Basics - Wholefood Nutrition

  • Day 5. Gut Health & Cleansing

  • Day 6. The Art Of Digesting Well

  • Day 7. Reflections - catching up on daily reading & progress

Your Daily Reading - Week Two

Wonderful things you'll learn on your Cleanse journey! Download & keep.

  • Day 8. Organs Of Detoxification

  • Day 9. Fluids & Cleansing

  • Day 10. Movement & Cleansing

  • Day 11. Instil A Healthy Morning Ritual

  • Day 12. Instil An End Of Workday Ritual

  • Day 13. Instil A Healthy Night Ritual

  • Day 14. Reflections - catching up on daily reading & progress

Your Daily Reading - Week Three

Wonderful things you'll learn on your Cleanse journey! Download & keep.

  • Day 15. A Toxic Chemical Audit - identifying the toxins in your environment

  • Day 16. Reduce Your Plastic Exposure & Your Waste

  • Day 17. Breathing & Cleansing

  • Day 18. Sunlight & Cleansing

  • Day 19. Nature & Cleansing

  • Day 20. Summer Cleanse Your Home

  • Day 21. Reflections - catching up on daily reading & moving foward

I'm ready to join

We're so happy you're joining us! In just a few short weeks of releasing toxins, mindful nutrition and daily self-care practices, you will experience the transformative power of delicious, vibrant, light and fresh, nutrient dense whole foods and organic herbal cleansing tisanes.


  • Can I do the Seasonal Cleanse if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

    The 21-Day Seasonal Cleanse Program is not recommended while you are pregnant or breastfeeding as there are certain food groups that that have been removed for the purpose of deep cleansing and some of the ingredients of tisanes are not indicated in pregnancy.

  • Will I experience detox symptoms on the Seasonal Cleanse?

    The grass is greener on the other side even though it may not initially feel that way. This is why we introduce the Bonus Preparation Week to minimise these symptoms. Removing industrialised foods and changing lifestyle habits can feel uncomfortable. You may experience detox symptoms, a flare up of existing symptoms, fatigue and an inability to digest foods (especially after eating processed foods). A change to the regimen of convenience food products may affect how you deal with emotions, especially if you emotionally eat. You may experience a bubbling up of emotions or you may dream vividly and intensely. Detox symptoms will also depend on your level of toxicity, daily exposure to toxins and how thoroughly you implement your 21 Day Spring Cleanse Program. Generally, the first few days are the worst as toxins are released. Symptoms may include: fuzzy head, aches and pains and some resurfacing of old symptoms. As you move through your cleanse, you will feel clearer and lighter, more energised and empowered.

  • What happens if i can't make the weekly Live Zooms?

    We record every Live Zoom for you to watch as at tiem most convenient to you. Though, if you can please join us to ask us live questions and to support each other.

  • Can I do the Seasonal Cleanse if I am vegetarian or vegan?

    Yes you can! Replace bone broths and stocks with a miso soup, made from organic fermented miso paste (not the miso powder). If you are a lacto ova vegetarian, replace meat, fish and poultry with dairy, eggs, and tempeh for high quality protein and healthy fats. If you prefer to eat a more plant based diet, keep well prepared legumes, pseudocereals such as quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth and gluten free grains such as rice in your diet.

  • What this Cleanse isn't?

    A calorie restricted diet. Water or juice fast. Reduction in nutrients. Imbalance in macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates & fats. Starving & constantly craving food. Boring and lacking in joy.

  • What if I have never cleansed before?

    The 21-Day Seasonal Cleanse is suitable for every level of detox devotee. If you are a seasoned cleanser, we invite you to dive in and experience the cleanse more deeply. If you are new to cleansing, take the cleanse slowly and set aside as much time as your life allows and put in enough effort and intention to achieve a feeling of renewal and exuberant health. We all have different starting points with regards to health, daily rhythm and discipline, energy and time. Do not over commit, take it easy, and choose components that you feel comfortable with and can achieve. Ease into cleansing and take an approach that allows you to improve upon your successes each time. The beauty of cleansing is that your body actually learns the patterns of it and becomes more efficient each time you do it. Once you have some experience with it, all you need to do is set your intention and get ready to start, and the body automatically starts accelerating its detox processes.

  • Why 21 days?

    Research shows that it takes 21 days of healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes to create a new habit (and you’re here for life long habits, not quick-fixes).

  • How much is the course?

    $250 (which includes our Cleanse Tisanes - Hygieia I & II - Australia only) or $220 (the Online Program without the Cleanse Tisanes)

  • Can I do the Cleanse Program if I live out of Australia?

    Because it is a Seasonal Cleanse Program, our seasons are different from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere this Cleanse will be perfect for you to be on the same season. We are looking at launching, in the New Year, Cleanse Programs that will run for both the Northern & Southern Hemisphere at the same time.

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